Filosofia dell’azienda

M.T.B. was born in 1980, through the intuition of Tiziano Turrini. The intention was to produce automatic bagging systems from reels.
M.T.B. worked to provide high-profile packaging and automation solutions worldwide and the result of its success depended on the ability of its management to create a cohesive team of professionals focused on M.T.B.’s main objective: customer satisfaction.
Functionality: of mechanisms so that the use of the machine is user-friendly.
Simplicity: of maintenance and operations due to easy machine accessibility.
Reliability: each machine, before being installed, undergoes rigorous testing at our factory.
The customer is sure to never be abandoned through the company’s ability to intervene in a very short time; creativity in solving production problems in actual fact, with formulations tailored to the user, making the bagging machine an important tool for profitability. We trust in the development of our ideas and constant technological upgrading as the only response to the evolving needs of the market.