ITN-OM Working cycle

  • 1 Open-mouth bags picking from storage
  • 2 Filling and compacting
  • 3 Final sealing
  1. Storage loading unit: the bags are moved by four pins, driven by a motor-reducer. The  picker picks up each bag thanks to three suction cups that operate by a blowing unit and, with a transporter system, the bag is brought to the bag transfer.
  2. Filling and compacting: the empty bag mouth is opened by means of suction cups operated by a blowing unit. A patented pneumatic device claps the bag mouth, keeping the sealing area clear from eventual dust. During filling operations, the bag is constantly supported from underneath by a vibrating grid to ensure perfect settling and compacting of the product inside the bag.
  3. Final seal: in this last station, an impulse sealing unit makes the seal of the bag top. In order to eliminate as much air as possible from the bag, the holding pincers gently stretch the top of the bag prior to sealing. The top seal is then air cooled and the filled bag is finally fed on to the outfeed belt conveyor.