Working cycle

  1. Reel unwinding: the reel is unwound using a moto -rized roller which gives the correct tensioning of the film regardless of possible unevenness of the reel. Film cut -ting, bottom sealing and unwinding: the tube bottom is sealed and the film is unwound until the required length is reached. The length is determined either by time (in case of non-printed film or film with continuous print), by optio-nal photocell (in case of pre-printed film) or by Encoder, setting the length through the keyboard (optional).
  2. Filling and compacting: the empty bag mouth is ope-ned by means of suction cups operated by a blowing unit. A patented, opening pneumatic device grabs the bag mouth from the inside, keeping the sealing area clear from any dust. During filling operations, the bag is con -stantly supported from underneath by a vibrating support to ensure perfect compacting of the product inside the bag.
  3. Final seal: in this last station, a pulse sealing unit seals the top of the bag. In order to eliminate as much air as possible from the bag, the holding grippers gently stretch the bag mouth prior to sealing. The machine then cools the final seal and releases the finished bag on the outfeed belt conveyor.